Tree Heritage planting a woodland for the future

Tree Heritage have spent time this winter planting a new woodland!

Every single one of those green tubes is a tree guard – protecting hundreds of young saplings. Over 1,500 young, native trees and shrubs were all provided by the Woodland Trust and the team at Tree Heritage spent a week on the ground getting them planted.

There’s a lot more to tree planting than simply digging a hole, throwing the tree in and hoping it will survive…believe it or not, you can even take a qualification in Tree Planting (more than one member of staff at Tree Heritage has proudly obtained their ‘Tree Planting Certficate’) so we know what we’re doing. However, there’s always that one job that throws up an unexpected challenge:


Herding llamas?!


Whilst studying for my Certificate in Arboriculture, I learned about all sorts of threats to newly planted trees from indiscriminate use of weedkillers & strimmers; or stress because of lack of water or not being supported properly with a stake; young growth being nibbled by rabbits and deer. What I never came across was the idea that llamas could invade the planting area?!

Thankfully, our team are prepared to learn new skills in order to get the job done, so they are now ready to herd llamas out of planting areas – should the issue ever come up again?

Having successfully removed the llamas from the area, work on planting could commence:

  • Tree delivery separated into groups of species – Alder, Crab Apple, Field Maple, Rowan, Silver Birch, Poplar, Downy Birch, Hornbeam, Oak & Wild Cherry.
  • Planting scheme agreed with landowner.
  • Stakes hammered into position.
  • Trees distributed across site to meet planting scheme.
  • Slits cut, saplings planted & heeled in.
  • Tree secured to stake with a tree tie and tree guard put in place………….and repeat, for the next 1,499 trees!

When the locals want to know what those Tree Surgeons are up to?!


What the llamas were all staring at – a newly planted woodland.

Planting over 1,500 trees and shrubs is quite an achievement, especially when conditions aren’t ideal. But to think that some of those trees could be part of a woodland that outlives us all…with all the positive impacts on wildlife, air quality, flood mitigation and all the other enormous benefits provided by trees? It was a job well done!

We can offer to advise you regarding tree planting – the Consultancy part of our business can assess your site, give guidance on the right trees to plant in your situation, we can plant for you and we can also offer Woodland Management Reports for anyone with an existing woodland – so get in touch if you need our help: Contact Us!