Tree Heritage provide a local tree planting service in Staffordshire

The first step in Arboriculture…planting trees

tree-heritage-leaf-bullet-largeLocal tree planting service in Staffordshire and the surrounding area.

Tree planting is the most important aspect of arboriculture so getting it right is critical. It begins with selecting the most suitable tree for the site, then planting it correctly so that it thrives, and finally, maintaining it so that it will continue to grow strong and healthy for many years to come. If you’re considering planting a new tree, a hedge or even a small woodland, then we can offer a comprehensive service ranging from planting through to maintenance pruning so give us a call.

Our planting services include:

  • Replacement planting
  • Planting schemes
  • Hedges
  • Screen planting
  • Shelter belts/windbreaks
  • Advice on aftercare and maintenance

Planting a tree is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future of a garden or landscape. Don’t simply plant the first thing that comes to mind or the tree that’s available from the nearest garden centre.

local tree planting service in Staffordshire could be any tree from hedges to orchards

Talk it through with us – we could come up with something really unusual/beautiful/rare that suits your situation and could give generations of enjoyment!