How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

Tree Heritage cut down a tree

How much does it cost to cut down a tree? One of the most frequently asked questions, with a myriad of variables and therefore – not an easy question to answer!

This is something we’re asked frequently: How much does it cost to cut down a tree, can we just give a quick quote, a rough idea of how much it will cost, to fell a tree, two trees, some trees, in someone’s garden!

There really isn’t an easy, standard answer to these questions. There’s too many variables to take into account:

  • Is it a 70 foot Poplar tree that’s in a dangerous condition or a 20 foot Cherry tree that’s in the way of your plans for a veg garden.
  • Do you live in a terraced house with access only through the living room and kitchen or are you in a detached house with an accessible driveway all the way round to the back of the property.
  • Do you have a log burner and want us to leave you the logs so you can split and burn them or do you want us to clear away all the arisings and leave you completely tidied away.
  • Are we going to need a heavy duty stump grinder or cherry picker to complete the work.
  • Can we straight fell the tree into a wide open space, or will it have to be climbed and taken down a piece at a time.

Every job we approach is different and all those differences have an affect on the price – making it impossible to be able to give a ‘one price fits all’ quote.

Cutting a tree down a piece at a time

But what we can offer is a more personal service – specific to you.

We will happily come out to you, at a time that’s convenient, we’ll discuss what needs to be done, how we propose to do it and then we can give you a written quotation for the work. We’ll even take care of the legal side for you if there’s a TPO on your tree or trees.

Not only are we Arboriculture Association Approved Contractors, we are fully insured and our team of staff are all fully trained in all the latest techniques so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done to a high standard.

So if you need some work on your tree or trees, don’t phone and ask us “How much does it cost to fell a tree?”, call us and invite us over to have a look, so we can meet you and your tree and give you a truly professional service.

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