Tree of the Week! We’re launching a new blog on Monday

We’d like to introduce you to some of our favourite trees….

Tree of the Week begins on Monday 13th March and we’d like to invite you to share our passion!

There are a lot of tree surgery companies out there, many of which love and understand trees. But we think Tree Heritage is a ‘cut above’ if you’ll kindly excuse the pun!

We’re not just a team of tree surgeons – we have an ecologist who has been fascinated with trees, birds, wild flowers and fungi for over 50 years. One of our team has a Masters in Arboriculture, another has a BSc in Environmental Studies. There’s a few of us with Certificates in Forestry, most of us are qualified to climb trees….the one thing we all have in common is that we absolutely love trees, now we want to share the love!

Tree of the Week is going to be an ongoing weekly introduction to trees you probably all know – you just don’t know that you know?!

The aim is to include photos, identification tips, facts, myths and mysteries and hopefully, we’ll inspire you to spend a little bit of time looking at trees more. Maybe there’s a tree in your garden, your child’s school, along the canal towpath or on your way to work that you’d like to know more about?

We’d love it if you get involved – comment on the Facebook page, e-mail us a photo of your tree, tweet us a question – I know there’s a lot more tree geeks out there!

Tree of the Week Field Maple leaf

Beautiful autumnal colours of a Field Maple leaf

Tree of the Week Monkey Puzzle trunk

Melting, ripply bark of a mature Monkey Puzzle

Tree of the Week Strawberry Tree trunk

The fascinating colour and form of an old Strawberry Tree

Tree of the Week Beech tree trunk

A grand old Beech tree with a bracket fungus on the trunk

Tree of the Week Acer leaves

Acer leaves in shocking autumn colour

Tree of the Week Swamp Cypress avenue

An unusual choice for an avenue – Swamp Cypress (deciduous, not poorly!)

Tree of the Week Liquidambar leaf

Sweet Gum leaves changing like traffic lights from green to red

Tree of the Week Pine forest

A Pine forest in Spa, Belgium on a beautiful sunny day

Tree of the Week Oak bark

A woodturner’s dream…the gnarly bark of an old Oak