Tree Safety Survey at local RSPB Coombes Valley


We have recently completed a Tree Safety Survey at our local RSPB reserve – they wanted to install something quite exciting!

We were recently contacted by the RSPB at Coombes Valley because they had a great idea for their oak woodland. They needed to ensure that the project was safe for their visitors, but also that it didn’t have a negative impact on the trees.

Tree Heritage have been working alongside the RSPB at Coombes Valley for many years now, but this was clearly something special and quite unusual. They wanted to create a visitor attraction which would encourage their visitors, particularly the younger ones, to get up into the canopy of the trees so that they could truly appreciate nature close up.

Safety survey close to an oak

The idea was to install a canopy walkway, easy to use and accessible to all – as you walk along the wooden bridges and walkways, the ground below drops away giving the feeling of great height whilst feeling perfectly safe. The added bonus being that you get up really close to the canopy of the surrounding trees and some magnificent views over the local area.

Before the installation could begin, Tree Heritage were asked to produce a Tree Safety Survey to ensure that the trees used to support the structure were safe and strong enough to bear the load. We also needed to check the safety of all the trees surrounding it. The survey highlighted that some of the trees needed a little tidying up work, which we completed before the walkway was installed.

The result, as you can see below, is a real success! The walkway was officially opened to the public this week and we were even invited to take part in an egg and spoon race along the walkway (our team came second!).



Tree Heritage would like to thank the RSPB for involving us in this exciting new venture and we wish them lots of luck – while the weather’s good, why don’t you pay them a visit and test your nerve up amongst the trees?!


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