Tree Heritage new website goes live!

Hello!! Welcome to our new look website, we hope you like it and can find all the information you need.

As a serious attempt at connecting the business to the 21st century we will be Facebooking, blogging, Twittering, photographing, videoing and everything else in between. We’re hoping to blog at least every month on topics as diverse as plant health to pollen counts, wildlife to workwear, trees we love, problem trees, what to do with garden bees…oh, and maybe even World Poetry Day! Just read the last bit out loud?!

We’ll be taking our cameras to all sorts of jobs, so keep an eye out for aerial shots from the tops of massive trees and we’ll try to limit the amount of “this is what a tree surgeon has for his lunch” photos.

Your comments would be massively appreciated – we don’t know what you’re interested in until you let us know.