Stump Grinding – local stump removal services in Staffordshire


local stump removal services in Staffordshire
tree-heritage-leaf-bullet-largeLocal stump removal services in Staffordshire and the surrounding area: Stump grinding is best left to the professionals and Tree Heritage have been called in to deal with some very large stumps! Once a tree has been felled, there will be the matter of the tree stump. In some settings, it’s perfectly acceptable to leave it in situ and make a feature of it (bird table, garden seat for one, or even a planter for a fern, if you’ve got the time, tools and determination to hollow the top out!) Mostly though, the tree stump needs to be removed and this is where stump grinding comes in…rather than spending days trying to dig the stump and roots out, or even worse, introducing dangerous chemicals in an attempt to burn or rot the stump away, a stump grinder’s metal teeth simply reduces it to wood chips which can then either be re-used on beds or paths or can be taken away leaving no evidence of the former tree.


We can use a small grinder where the access is awkward (mostly back gardens) or a really large machine for bigger tree stumps. The only thing you need to worry about is whether you turf over, or plant a new tree where the old one was – if you want to plant a new tree, call us for some ideas (after all, trees are our passion and we’ve got the experience to advise you about which trees are suitable for your space!)