Not all Tree Surveys are the same…

 …sometimes we go to the most exciting of places!

Because we are Arboricultural Consultants rather than just a team of Tree Surgeons, a lot of our time is spent looking at trees; identifying them, assessing them, measuring them, and quite often, stepping back and appreciating them – not a bad way to spend the day?

However, there are many different reasons for having your tree or trees surveyed:

 Hugh measuring tree with Air in background


 Close-up of van with Nemesis behind 11.03.15

  • Sometimes we come and look at your tree because you’re worried about it’s health or maybe there are safety implications.
  • We often get called out to look at trees after a high wind event and there is obvious damage.
  • Maybe you’ve just invested in a Woodland and want to know all about it’s potential.
  • But most of our Tree Surveys are carried out because you’re planning to build something and there may be implications for existing trees in the location. Whether you’re proposing to add a conservatory to the side of your house, or a new classroom for your school, or even maybe something a little more exciting – you’re going to need a Tree Survey before you start!