Tree Pruning can be a wild business!

It’s not unusual for a Tree Surgeon to be given a nickname, quite often involving the term ‘monkey’ or ‘tree monkey’…they’re regularly accused of monkeying around in trees!

However, for our most recent job, pruning trees at a local forest has indeed been watched over by some real monkeys (technically, they are Barbary Macaques) and they soon showed us who’s the best at climbing!

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Has Spring sprung?

Last week was gloriously warm, this morning we were scraping ice off the windscreen again?!

Due to one of us having a birthday last week, we took a gamble, decided to go camping and booked the week after Easter off work. We couldn’t have timed it better – the week before Easter had seen some strong gales and quite a few people phoning us because branches had come down out of trees. In fact the week before that, there had been hail and a definite requirement for central heating!

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