Street trees in holiday photos!

Apologies to those who follow our posts avidly….we’ve been on holiday!

However, as many of you will know, this isn’t just a job for us – we are nuts about trees, so here’s a few we spotted in the streets whilst we were flip-flopping our way around the Greek island of Paros!:

We’ll be back onto a more serious topic in the next blog, but hope you enjoyed this sunny diversion?!

Back to school…

We’re almost at the end of the summer holidays, soon they’ll be going back to school, no doubt you’ve been away and are now spending the last few weeks entertaining the kids around the house and spending some time in your garden? Are they playing around in your trees and do you know if they’re safe?

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Has Spring sprung?

Last week was gloriously warm, this morning we were scraping ice off the windscreen again?!

Due to one of us having a birthday last week, we took a gamble, decided to go camping and booked the week after Easter off work. We couldn’t have timed it better – the week before Easter had seen some strong gales and quite a few people phoning us because branches had come down out of trees. In fact the week before that, there had been hail and a definite requirement for central heating!

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Happy Easter!

The Easter weekend is upon us and hopefully the weather is good enough to allow us all to get out in the garden?!

Here are a few small jobs that can be done in between cups of tea, but will make a noticable difference once you’ve finished (and celebrated with Easter eggs, Simnel cake and/or chocolate biscuits!)

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