Back to school…

We’re almost at the end of the summer holidays, soon they’ll be going back to school, no doubt you’ve been away and are now spending the last few weeks entertaining the kids around the house and spending some time in your garden? Are they playing around in your trees and do you know if they’re safe?


Children playing in the garden

Whilst you’ve all been out there over the last few weeks playing football, cricket, hide-and-seek, swingball (is there still such a thing?!) have you been looking at your garden trees?

Have you noticed anything that worries you such as a tree moving around a lot more in the wind, a dead branch up in the canopy, maybe a tree just looks a bit sick and not quite as vigorous as it used to?

This is the ideal time for us to come and give them the once-over for you…you’re at home anyway, looking after the kids. We can pop round to your garden and do a survey of the tree health for you (we can even explain to the kids what we’re looking for so they can learn a little bit about trees too!) And then if we need to do any work to make them safe for you, we can get it scheduled in for the autumn time, when the kids are back at school and it’s safe for us to do the work when they’re not playing out in the garden.

This means that all the work will be done, the garden will be tidy, your trees will be safe and able to withstand the coming winter and all it’s possible bad weather… so you can relax.

We get asked to do tree surveys at schools during the summer holidays for planning applications – usually because the school needs to expand with more buildings.

What really surprises us is that we don’t get asked to do Safety Surveys at schools?!

Yet they have a responsibility to do this regularly – every tree on school grounds should be checked to ensure that it poses no threat to children, parents, staff, visitors, contractors etc. This could be a lovely old tree out in the school playing field where the children play or it could be the trees at the entrance, next to the main road, where you all stand and wave your children off in the morning. Is your school safe? Do they have their trees checked regularly? Are your children safe when they go out to play in the school grounds? Why don’t you ask them to show you the latest Tree Safety Report itemising all the trees and their condition? Maybe it’s something a group of concerned parents could bring up with the school – are you making sure our children are safe and can you prove that the school is taking all the necessary steps by employing a qualified arborist to check the trees regularly! Something to think about come September?


However, it’s still the summer holidays, so have a look out your window today, have you got one or more trees in your garden, are you sure they’re safe? If you have any concerns at all, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to come over and have a look. Click the button to contact us:

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