Arboricultural Association Approved!


If you’ve ever taken a close look at any of our vehicles, our staff, our headed notepaper or even this website, you may have noticed the logo of the Arboricultural Association…

Approved Contractor Collective Registered

But do you know what it signifies?

Do you know what it means if your Tree Surgeon isn’t Arb Approved?

How does a Contractor become approved by the Arb Association?

Tree Heritage had their reassessment recently and have been approved, again.

Read on and we’ll tell you all about it!…



“In 1964 a group of local government horticulturists and forestry officers, dismayed at the increasingly rapid erosion of the amenity trees in the landscape, formed the Arboricultural Association (AA). These people also recognised that standards of tree care and management were very low.”

This quotation comes from the Arboricultural Associations’ own website and explains why they were formed and their main objective is still the same today – to ensure that the public benefits from knowing that the Tree Surgeons they employ are working to professional standards of conduct and acceptable levels of workmanship.


To be approved by the Arboricultural Association means that every aspect of the business is assessed every 2 years. This is a rigorous process which covers everything from tree identification, knowledge of pests, diseases and disorders, safe working practices, expertise with suitable equipment and tools, adhering to all aspects of Health & Safety Regulations and ensuring that all members of staff are fully trained and qualified. All of this means that any work we carry out is backed by £5 million public liability insurance.

In order to assess all of this, the Arb Association send someone out to spend time with everyone, from the Consultants who advise on the best course of action, to the lads on the ground (or up in the tree!) – watching what they do, how they do it, asking why they employ certain methods and generally checking every aspect of the work!


To put all this into context – when you have a central heating boiler installed you wouldn’t consider letting a random bloke with a plumbers van do the work, because somewhere in the back of your mind you know that he needs to be Corgi registered. This would ensure that if the work was shoddy, unprofessional or unsafe you would be covered.

Surely, it makes sense to take the same approach when you’re having your tree or trees worked on – you want to know that the contractors you employ are fully trained, assessed and have been approved by a professional body? That’s exactly what you get if you use an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor like Tree Heritage!



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